Saturday, December 18, 2010

Student Gifts

What do you get 19 students for Christmas on a teacher budget? A scholastic book bought with points earned and a white board w/ marker! We use individual white boards like these in class almost daily. So, each student got their own monogrammed for a gift.

To make 32 1'x1' white boards, go to a home improvement store and get a 4'x8' piece of washboard ($12) and ask them to cut it into foot by foot squares. How easy and inexpensive!

I borrowed a Cricut machine from another teacher to monogram the boards. And after using the machine I know what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas! It was so easy to use and fun to play with. The possibilities of gifts kept running through my mind of what you could make with this machine!

The students LOVED them and immediately asked to write on their boards and continued to ask the rest of the day if they could write on them. Hopefully, they will enjoy them for a long time!


Coach Lewis said...

You get the students gifts?? I give mine the gift of Physical Education.

Three plus Me said...

Ha Ha! Yes of course I do! But you probably have 800 students. Now I don't think your teacher salary affords gifts for 800!