Monday, April 27, 2009

A Roller Coaster

I feel like I've been on a roller coaster of emotions this past week and need prayers. It began several weeks ago with the planning of Austin's 5th Birthday party. This was is first "real" birthday party; inviting friends from church and school, theme, food, cake, fun, treats, etc. All was going well and we were busy getting the house ready, food, and decorations ready.

Then on Tuesday of last week Charlie got a phone call that two of his football players had been killed in a car accident. Life stopped and changed. Our hearts sank and the flood gates opened and prayers went up. The mood in our house was different. Daddy was now occupied with more pressing issues, obviously. I tried to keep the household going and party planning.

With last Friday passing, so did one of the funerals. May God bless this family and comfort them!

Then Saturday came with the big party. Everything went smoothly and the excitement was high! Austin LOVED having all his friends over to play! He is my social boy and likes to have someone to play with. I thank God for the five years He's given Austin to us and pray for many more to come.

Sunday was a day of peace, worship, and a much need Sunday afternoon nap (that almost made us last for PM service)!

Monday came with much anticipation of the memorial service at Faulkner for the two players. And knowing that was coming set the solemn mood. Until I found out that my grandmother had been put in the hospital Sunday night. Then worry set in. The boys and I found her still in the ER when we got to the hospital Monday morning. She was moved to a room later and we are now just waiting. Waiting to see if she begins to improve or not. She has Alzheimer's, is 88 years old, has not been eating or drinking much or at all, fell Sunday morning, and is just getting over Shingles.

So as Monday comes to a close, I feel that I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Charlie has one more funeral this Friday. Please pray for comfort and healing for this family!

I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster that Our Lord and Savior was on. Healing the sick, blind, rejoicing with the believers, being spat upon, teaching, praying, preaching, and trying to make others understand. The emotions I feel are nothing new. They are the same He felt. And He is our strength that will help us through it all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It wasn't me thinking!

Referring to the previous wasn't me thinking, it was God! After moving rooms around, I began to clean out a closet in the old office, now playroom. While doing so, I found something strange on the side wall of the closet. There are shelves on the inside of the closet and when I pulled everything off on of the shelves, there it was. Some dirt on the wall. I proceeded to brush the dirt off and found a tiny hole, a pin hole size. My heart dropped into my stomach! I knew exactly what it was, thanks to my sister-in-law having trouble with these at her house too, TERMITES.

We set up for someone to come take a look and tell us what was going on. Sure enough, we have termites, but have caught them early enough. This small hole is the only visible sign of them and we are having the house treated next week for over $800.

I mention all this to say, I truly believe that it was God motivating me to start moving rooms around a week ago today. Who knows how long this problem would have gone on unnoticed! God knew it was time. Time to move rooms, time to clean out closets, and time for tax money to be coming in. All in His timing!

I guess that's why He laughed too when I had big plans for this past weekend. Finish cleaning out rooms, school work, birthday party work, graduation party work, grocery shopping, making curtains, painting dresser, making Easter lunch, etc. Because he had other plans for Charlie and I. We've been sick for days with food poisoning. Yes, it was my cooking--some chicken on last Tuesday and we both took leftovers to lunch on Wednesday.

So, we are trying to get better. Just weak and sore. Thankfully, that night of the chicken, the boys were being picky and didn't want to eat what Momma made for supper. My final words before allowing them to get up from the table were "This is all you get to eat tonight! You can eat now or go to bed hungry! Don't ask for anything else to eat tonight!" And they both got up and never complained. Do you think they knew something! ;) Like Charlie said, out of the thousands of meals that you've made and we've only gotten sick from one, that's not bad. But, that's one too many for me!

So, we will hopefully get caught up this week on everything and celebrate Easter another weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What was I thinking!

I've had the idea for a while to switch some rooms around in the house and yesterday I started the project. Mind you it's just me and the boys at home and Austin had been throw up sick Sunday and we went to the doctor yesterday with Coop and he has an ear infection and pink eye! So, with the blessing of my hubby as he walked out the door for work he said, "I'll do whatever you want." (Meaning moving the big stuff.) So I set to work right away and cleared out Coop's room, the nursery.

The crib wouldn't fit out the door together, so I took it apart half way, just to manipulate it out the door. Once that room was clean, I moved the office stuff in Coop's "old room". And then moved toys and shelves to the old office. I did break a desk, that I wanted to get rid of and Charlie wanted to keep. It was not on purpose, but as soon as it broke I thought, Charlie's not going to believe this! I ventured up to the attic for an old table, brought it down, cleaned it, and put it together.

Charlie came home from work and did the big jobs. Took the broken desk to his truck to throw away, put the crib and changing table in the attic. All that's left to do is clean out closets and organize.

I think Cooper was in the most shock! His "room" is gone, his bed is gone and now he's sleeping with his brother! I kept asking him if he wanted to sleep with Bubba in the big boy bed and he answered NO. Both the boys did GREAT sleeping together. Cooper stayed in bed and Austin loved sleeping on the top bunk. We had told Austin that he couldn't sleep on the top until he was 5, so only three weeks away til 5 and in his words, "I can't believe I can sleep on the top bunk and I'm not even 5!" Small thrills!

I'll take pics of the "new" rooms when all is said and done. So, what was I thinking? Spring Cleaning, I guess!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

We actually did something for Spring Break this year! We usually just stay at home, but this year we took a beach trip. Charlie is from Panama City, so that's were we went. He knew his way around, saw old friends, and visited his former church home. The boys have never been there so it was neat for Daddy to show Austin where he grew up.

Austin & Cooper loved the water and sand. They were content staying out there for hours just digging in the wet sand and making tracks with monster trucks. We stayed at a great resort on Bay Point and will want to stay there again.

Boys look a pirate ship! They finally did notice it when the cannon went off!