Monday, June 30, 2008

Splish, Splash

Saturday was Gracie's Birthday Bash! It was a great day to have a pool party. Complete with pizza, soda, cookie cake, take-home goodies and of course great friends! Austin had FUN jumping in and swimming around. Though he wasn't as brave as Peyton to jump off the diving board! Maybe next time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Naked Baby!

Last week I went to get Cooper up from his nap and this is what I saw, a NAKED BABY!

He had been awake for a while, but I didn't rush in to get him out of bed. I was selfish and wanted to get a few more things done around the house without interruption. Needless to say, I won't be selfish again...Coop was havin' a good time and had taken off his diaper. He was just in a diaper for his nap. He was talkin' and playin' and peein' in the bed! I had to take pics for future use! But, who could get mad at that cute little face! He just wanted out of bed!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bugs & Bible

Yesterday we found this strange bug on the back porch. So, today it was still there. Charlie had already gone to work, so I took pics of this bug and sent them to him asking what it was. He emailed me back and said "just pick it up and throw it into the bushes, it's just a stick bug". A stick bug!! I've never seen one that looked like this before! Then I turned to Google and found a neat site where people submit their questionable bugs and they reply with what it is. And sure enough it was a stick bug. To be more exact it was a Two Striped Walkingstick or some call a Witch's Horse or a Devil's Riding Horse. Anyways, it's actually two stick bugs mating...the little one is the male and the larger one is the female--that figures ;) And I'm glad that I didn't pick it up and throw it because it can spray you in the eyes with something that will burn and make you have blurry vision for hours. So, we'll let Daddy take care of this. Well, we came home from Church tonight and it wasn't in its same place so Daddy will still have to investigate the porch tomorrow before we venture outside. Anyways, we learned a little more about bugs today and now maybe you have too!

I'm constantly amazed at Austin's memory! He will just start talking about something and it takes me a while to figure out where he's coming from. On the way home tonight he said, "Mom you remember being on that stage? You know you were crying." Then I recalled the recent K4 Graduation program my class did at school. "Yes," I replied. Austin continued, "You know Mom you don't have to cry on stage. Your kids will be okay. Just pray to God!" How true--from the mouths of babes! I did cry that night when I had to speak my farewells and thank yous. Just pray to God and he'll take care of those children. Those whom I may never see again and just pray that there's been a seed planted. And I should have prayed that I wouldn't cry and blubber over my words! :) But, it amazes me that that's what he remembers about that night--seeing his mother cry on stage. So, another simple lesson learned from a 4 year old...Just Pray to God.

Friday, June 6, 2008

First Haircut

Yesterday, Cooper was given his first haircut! Below are pics from the big event. He has such fine blond hair which go great with his blue eyes. Now he looks like a little boy and hopefully won't be mistaken for a little girl anymore.


During & After

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gran-Gran's New Place

Several weeks ago we had a "house warming" for Gran-Gran and her new place. Everyone was asked to bring a bottle of Boost as her gift and admittance to the party. I don't think Gran-Gran realized that everyone was bringing her the same thing, Strawberry Boost. At least she's stocked up for a while. Here are pics from the event. She was very weepy that day and was asking everyone to take her back home to her house. She seems to have finally settled in and is getting use to the routine. But, she still gets very confused on days and what's happening when, details, etc. Most of that though is from the disease and some old age. Please continue to pray for her and Mom, as she's caring for her while Dad's out of the country.