Friday, August 28, 2009

Six Flags

This summer we took Austin and his friend Brooks to Six Flags for a day. It was an interesting trip up there. First the boys were VERY excited and kept asking "Are we there yet?!". And one boy had to take a potty break IN THE CAR IN A CUP, because of course we were stuck in Atlanta traffic.

They both liked to drive the cars. I rode with Austin and he cracked me up on how intense he was to "stay on the rode". He couldn't reach the gas, so I pushed the pedal and he drove.

They both loved Thomas Town! Even Sir Toppham Hatt was there! Austin is checking out his hand and the wheels are spinning in his head---"his fingers are together and don't move, mmmm?"

We stopped in time to watch the Wild West Show. It was a nice break to stop and cool down!

And we found some Characters to pose with, especially the one in the middle!

Hopefully they have good memories of the day. I know Austin talks about going back with Brooks! (That is if Six Flags doesn't "fold under" with the economy!)