Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Am I Crazy when...

we go to a store and they have all the school supplies out and I get really excited? Walking through the store today I had to stop by the school supply aisles and look around. The boys don't need school supplies yet but, their momma does! Or I think I do. I had to really contemplate and have self control on whether I needed a new notebook, folders, dividers, pens or not. I just get so giddy this time of year to get NEW fine point Sharpies in all different colors! Is it the teacher in me or are there others who like school supplies as much as I do? And the idea of New crayons that are sharp and in 72 colors just makes me want to buy a coloring book and color with the kiddos. Crazy as it may be but sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best! And while the boys napped today I put those new supplies to good use and organized all my lesson plans for the year in page protectors and a cute notebook!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Neat Picture!

Here is a neat pic from mission trip, I "stole" it from someone else's pictures online. But, it's all the kiddos on the mission trip from smallest to tallest. Cooper is at the front, then Trace and then Austin. Just thought it was a cool picture of all the kids!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mission Trip

The boys and I returned from the Mission Trip in Gray, GA last night. We are TIRED! In fact nothing got unpacked last night and as of 2:51 today nothing is still unpacked! We've been laying around and sleeping all morning. To be going and going for four days and changing time zones, we've been wiped out. But the trip was wonderful as always.

Austin was so excited to know he was going back to that white church building, it is a white trailer that's their building, and getting to ride the big bus. We left Friday and Todd O. rode with us. We got there right as they were finishing lunch, so we ate quickly and LoLo (Lauren O.) took Austin with her group door knocking. Mom wasn't feeling well, so she was made to go back to the hotel and rest while Cooper took a nap. I stayed at the building and helped Peggy in the kitchen cleaning up lunch and getting supper ready.

This was not easy for Mom to "leave her post" and go and rest, but she did after she saw that she wasn't going to win. Mom and Peggy do such a great job organizing the food and preparing delicious food! They really know how to pinch pennies when feeding such a large group for several meals and for several days.

Then Saturday was more door knocking and this time Cooper and I went along in the morning. In the afternoon, Mom rested again with Cooper and Austin and I stayed and helped. Saturday evening we went to a members farm which reminds me of Palmetto Bible Camp. There's a big lake and a large covered picnic area. Everyone relaxes, plays games, fishes, and we cook out for dinner. Then there's devo, in fact they have devo every night prepared by some of the adults or youth. This night we divided up into girls and guys and had a time of sharing. The older ladies were asked to share something that has helped them along their Christian walk. Some gave verses, others stories, and some advice. It's always a great bonding time when Christian women open up and share some of themselves. We did something similar to this two years ago in Dawson, GA and I still remember what others said and how connected you feel to them afterwards. It was no different this time, what an awesome way to get to know your Church family better!

Sunday came and the little auditorium was packed, more chairs had to be brought out! The preacher was so excited to have a filled room! After lunch we set up our classroom outside. We did the same thing we did at UCC, but outside and under tents. There is only one classroom inside which was being used for the toddlers and the small fellowship room was being used for crafts. That's one of the fun things of mission trip, you don't know what to expect! We had several visitors that night but I'm sure it will grow with each night to come!

Monday was service project day, we stayed until after lunch on Monday and then returned. Good thing too, Cooper started running a fever and Monday night Austin did too. They both have runny noses and fever today still. Who knows where it came from. But, when I asked Austin last night what his favorite part of the mission trip was he said door knocking. How it just fills my heart with joy to hear that! I was sure he would say staying in a hotel or swimming in the hotel pool, but door knocking. I hope he always feels that way about spreading the Gospel. Pray for the rest of the group that will keep working until Wednesday night VBS and then drive back. And pray for continued success of the Gospel being taught in Gray, GA!

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Trip with Austin

Welcome Home Paw Paw! After being gone for a month in Israel, we were the welcoming home committee at the Atlanta Airport. Dad didn't know we were coming...he thought that it would just be Mom. It was great to see him again, though he did look different-30 lbs. lighter and with a beard. I don't think I've ever seen Dad in a full beard until that day! We visited with them for lunch then Mom and Dad brought Cooper back to Montgomery with them and Austin, Charlie and I went on our next adventure.

Next, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was really wonderful! We all enjoyed the different sea creatures and seeing so many fish so close-up.

The next day we got up and went to Six Flags! By this time in our trip Austin had had fun staying in a hotel, going to the airport and riding an escalator at the mall! This was his first trip to Six Flags. It was neat to see him enjoy the same rides we did as children. He wasn't as thrilled to see all the Super Heroes as we thought he would. The picture below says it all!

By the end of the day he was one tired boy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

We traveled to Nashville to celebrate the 4th with family. We had a great time swimming, eating, and just relaxing with family. We celebrated Grandma's Birthday after grilling out a delicious dinner. She just laughed at the sparkler in her birthday cake!

Cooper finally loved the water and when it was time to get out, he threw a fit, of course. It made for some great pics!

We tried to get a picture of all the grandkids while they were all together. We probably took 100 pics and have 2 good ones. I thought I'd take advantage of the boys being dressed up and the pretty flowers and get some good ones of them. Well, Coop was not in the mood to sit still and say cheese...oh well.

Charlie got hooked on Guitar Hero. He enjoyed playing it outside on the big screen and we all felt like we were at his concert. And if you know Charlie then you know how he can really ham it up. We all got a good laugh and the neighbors probably did too!

The morning started off with a parade through the neighborhood which ended right in front of Jami's, Charlie's sister, house. So, we enjoyed seeing the police, fire truck, and all the kids riding their decorated cars, bikes, motorcycles, mowers, wagons, etc.

Here are the grandkids! All looking pretty good and sweet as always!