Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Second Christmas

We had our second Christmas with the Austin side of the family at New Years. We had to wait for everyone to get back from their travels, but it was well worth the wait! Angie hosted this year and we pigged out on traditional snack. This is a traditional snack that started with my Mother's family and we still carry it on today. Lots of delicious sweet and salty snack foods and of course Slushy Punch!

LoLo was super excited to get a "Shelia's House" of Northwoods mall. JK! This is the main mall in the town that we grew up in. She really didn't know if she should laugh or act like it was nice. It was a joke! We have several gag gifts that get passed around at Christmas time.

We were all given adorable hand-made scarfs. These were all made by a lady that we go to church with. Little did we know that she had this wonderful talent! We all loved them!
Christmas is just as fun the second time around!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What!? A NEW post! YES!

Okay, so I'm finally posting! Yea! After returning from Xmas we discovered our laptop had crashed. That's the second laptop to crash--NOT BUYING A GATEWAY AGAIN! So, now we've had this new HP and got a wireless router. I never knew how much I would enjoy at $40 piece of electronics!

So, here are a few pics from Xmas in Nashville. We all loved being with the fam. The boys loved Jami and Tim's new house. Especially, the elevator and movie theater. But, they truly LOVE their cousins and spending time with them. Austin cried again this year when we left. Merry Belated Christmas!